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Exterior Wood pressure treats lumber and timbers to above ground, ground contact and in-ground structural use categories using the most effective and environmentally conscious chemicals that we can find and trust. The result is wood that is strong enough to stand up to wood’s natural enemies namely termites and decay.

X-BOR® wood has been pressure-impregnated with a borate (SBX) preservative which makes the wood resistant to attack by insects and fungal decay. It should only be used for interior and/or weather-shielded applications because the preservative will leach from the wood when exposed to water. Specify X-BOR® wood for areas that are not subject to direct contact with water. It is an ideal building material where borate leaching is unlikely except during the initial period of construction.

Exterior Wood® carries Premium KD SPF Furring Strips and home center grade KD DF Furring Strips available in pieces, bundles or units.

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