Hardware (Interior Door) Buying Guide

Hardware (Interior Door)

What to Consider



Door Bumpers and Stops

Door Bumpers and Stops may be necessary if the door opens wide enough for the handle to hit a wall. 

    •  Rigid or Spring stops are installed on the baseboard and stop the door or handle from striking the wall.

    •  Hinge Pin Stops are mounted on the hinge and can be adjusted for the opening size.

    •  Decorative Floor Stops provide a wedge or statue with a rubber bumper to hold doors open so breezes do not blow a door closed.


Cost Considerations

Material: The type of metal used to create the hardware will have an effect upon the cost. The amount of material will increase the cost, so size does matter. Add faceplates, and the cost goes up.

Sets: While a set may seem to be expensive, purchasing all the pieces together may save money in the long run. Each manufacturer provides sets of handles, interior and exterior, deadbolts, faceplates, etc. for ease of complementing the aesthetic.

Installation: Add installation to the cost.