Waterproofing and Repelling Buying Guide

Waterproofing and Repelling

Getting Started

What to Consider

How water proof is it really? There are several parameters you can check on the label to understand how much waterproofness the product can offer.

Categories of waterproof materials. There are several categories you have to consider before choosing the right one for yourself.

Types of fabric. You need to understand whether or not you need a breathable or non-breathable fabric.

Tips – learn as much as you can about waterproof fabric in order not to make the wrong purchase.

How to Measure Product Waterproofness

Categories of Waterproof Materials

Types of Waterproof Fabrics

Types of Membranes

Characteristics of Waterproof Materials

High breathability - normal airflow is crucial and necessary for the materials to breath, and keep the existing qualities

High PSI number - the higher the number is, the better protection is.

    •  for mid range fabrics, the minimum value is 50000 mm

    •  best materials have a value of 20 000mm

    •  waterproof fabric should have a result over a 1000mm

Membrane Type - A membrane made out of Gore-Tex or other similar materials- suitable membrane means excellent water protection.

Tips for Choosing the Best Waterproof Materials

Other Uses

Sofa and chair protection

Sport equipment protection

Construction work, such as roofing, siding, and foundations or decking jobs