Doors (Interior) Buying Guide

Doors (Interior)

Getting Started

A comprehensive guide on what you need to know before choosing the right “interior door".

To separate living areas and spaces, interior doors close off the view and sound from one area into the next. Interior doors often go unnoticed, but the design can enhance the living space. Sound transmission (STC) is an important factor in choosing an interior door. While not considered for closet doors, STC ratings on interior doors sectioning off one room from another should be considered. Theater rooms are designed as sound-proof, with an STC of 60 but most rooms in a home do not require that level of noise blocking and STC 40 will soften or deaden the sounds from most conversations.  An STC of 25 permits hearing normal conversations.


Styles and Purposes


Hinges, knobs and/or levers come in myriad designs and materials. When choosing an interior door, match the style of doorknob to the door design. Levers should be used for contemporary or modern design, when aging-in-place is an issue, or for French Doors, where a push/pull function is needed. 

Price Considerations