Leaf Blower Buying Guide

Leaf Blower

Getting Started

A Leaf blower is a piece of outdoor equipment that can help you with leaf cleanup. Advanced models can also work as a sidewalk sweeper, snow remover, and debris remover. There are a lot of brands to choose from, so don't forget to consider all the important factors listed below when selecting the one or you will end up buying something that cannot get the job done.

What to Consider

An advanced leaf blower is worth its money if you have a large garden; a walk-behind or a backpack model will be perfect here. However, if your yard is small, a compact cordless electric model can do just fine. If you need to clean up around and blow leaves, look for a light leaf blower that maneuvers easily and is suitable for many tasks. If you need to gather up debris, you will need a model that can work as a vacuum.

Safety Considerations

You will need safety glasses which can prevent leaves, sticks and other debris from damaging your eyes. Tie back long hair. You can also use noise-cancelling headphones. Consider getting a dust mask to cut down on everything you could accidentally be inhaling. If you use a cord, make sure it is not a trip hazard. And always use the right outlet - don't modify it in any way.

Corded vs. Cordless

If you opt for a corded leaf blower, be prepared to get a huge extension cord suitable for an outdoor use. Using a small cord can damage the leaf blower and reduce safety. Many manufacturers recommend using 14-gauge extension cord up to 100 feet long. However, you can get a 12-gauge cord if necessary.

If you are going to get a cordless leaf blower, think about other garden tools that you have. You will need to buy expensive batteries. However, these models can use the same batteries as other garden tools (trimmers and so on). If you own a lot of tools, you can save a lot by using the compatible rechargeable battery you already have.

Types of Leaf Blowers

Choose the Right Type for Your Needs

The Most Important Features

Check Local Regulations

Some neighborhoods forbid using leaf blowers during certain hours, and they can prohibit anything louder than a certain decibel range. Other neighborhoods can prohibit gas leaf blowers and sometimes leaf blowers are prohibited altogether. So check with the local regulations.

Cost Considerations

For many shoppers, price is the crucial point on what leaf blower to buy. You should know that the range starts at $60 for the cheapest and smallest electric corded leaf blower, $100 for the cheapest gas handled, over $200 for gas powered backpack model and $400 or more for an advanced walk-behind. All models can be more expensive depending on weight, power, and extra features.