Outdoor Grills Buying Guide

Outdoor Grills

Getting Started

There’s not many things better than grilling out on a sunny day with friends and family. Shopping for a grill, however, can be a little confusing simply because many of them look so similar. Just shop carefully and learn the pros and cons of different options and various types of grills. Once you’re informed you will have everything needed to satisfy your hungry guests.

Additional Costs

Unlike some other appliance purchases you make, grills require some extras after the initial purchase. These may include natural gas, propane, or charcoal. Maybe even smoking chips. Keeping this in mind will help with deciding on the most cost-effective grill over the long haul.



Size is definitely something you need to consider when buying an outdoor grill. How big is your patio or deck where the grill will reside? Also, are you the average griller, cooking mostly small packs of chicken and steak? Or do you often stack the grill up with enough meat to feed an NFL team? A grill’s primary square inches refers to the size of the main cooking grate. The higher the number, the more space you have to cook all the mouth-watering hot dogs and skewers you want at one time. Secondary square inches is referring to the size of a warming rack and/or side burner.




Grill covers are really a necessity if you want to make your grill last. Most exterior finishes on grills are tough and durable, but corrosion and breakdown is inevitable when left to the elements.

V-racks are for grilling multiple racks of your favorite meats so you can serve all those hungry fans at the tailgate. Insert photo here

Brass brushes are a wise investment, used for cleaning food residue off the grill to keep it looking pristine.