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Bosch Appliances

Category: Appliances
Subcategory: Cooktop

Whether you prefer gas or electric, Bosch cooktops combine stylish and sophisticated looks with innovative features and real cooking performance.

Subcategory: Dishwasher

With innovative features of extreme water and energy efficiencies, Bosch takes the guesswork out of dishwashing.

Subcategory: Dryer
Type: Electric, Gas

Bosch dryers are loaded with numerous innovations including temperature selections and sensor systems to provide unrivaled results while still protecting your fabrics from damage.

Subcategory: Exhaust Vent/Range Hood

Bosch Ventilation Systems quickly remove steam, odors and smoke generated from cooking.

Subcategory: Oven

The uniquely elegant styling and flush-to-cabinet design of Bosch wall ovens gives your kitchen the sophisticated built-in appearance you want.

Subcategory: Range

Bosch ranges allow you to prepare delicious meals for your family with the best combination of versatility, performance and style.

Subcategory: Refrigerator/Freezer

With its sleek design, easy installation and a variety of convenience and food preservation features, Bosch refrigeration is more than just a beautiful face.

Subcategory: Small Appliances

Bosch offers some of the most powerful and highly versatile small appliances on the market.

Subcategory: Washer

High efficiency washers from Bosch get your clothes incredibly clean, while using less water and energy.