Fasteners - Collated


Subcategory: Collated, Screws
Type: Collated, Decking, Structural, Trim

CAMO Exterior Screws are designed specifically for exterior projects. Our deck, trim, collated, and structural screws are all ACQ compatible and have provided premium protection and performance for over a decade.

GRK Fasteners

Subcategory: Collated, Screws
Type: Cabinet, Composite, Concrete, Decking, Multi-Purpose, Structural, Trim

GRK's wide selection of fasteners including multi-purpose, structural, trim, cabinet, composite and stainless screws are designed for ease of use and faster drive times for both interior and exterior applications, increasing productivity for users.

Huttigrip Fasteners

Subcategory: Collated, Nails, Screws

Huttigrip Fasteners offers a complete line of quality products suited to both pro dealers and home centers.

Screw Products

Subcategory: Collated, Fastening Systems, Screws

Screw Products, Inc Star Drive ultimate wood screws are milled with an extra deep recess, this provides the screws with twice the torque over Phillips or square drive screws!

Tree Island Steel

Subcategory: Collated, Nails, Screws, Wire Goods

Tree Island nails are uniformly strong, straight, sharp and available in 400 types, sizes and finishes.